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这一天就快到了! The day is nearly here!

这一刻的感觉有点像把孩子送去上学的第一天。我们对这个游戏充满了爱——我们认为我们已经为各种可能的情况做好了准备,但我们也知道,它还有更多的成长要做。我们即将迈出旅程的第一步,最终将带领 《坎巴拉太空计划2》 穿越殖民地、星际旅行和多人游戏。

This moment feels a little bit like dropping a kid off for the first day of school. We've got a lot of love for this game - we think we've prepared it for every eventuality, but we also know that it has more growing to do. We're about to take the first steps on a journey that will eventually carry KSP2 through colonies, interstellar travel, and multiplayer.


Now the real learning begins!

可以期待什么 What to Expect

在抢先体验的第一天,玩家将能够在沙盒模式中创建和驾驶载具,并访问 Kerbolar 系统中的任何地点。他们还可以通过全新的训练中心进入我们的首批四个互动教程。这些教程教授基本的火箭概念,让新玩家在他们的太空计划中占得先机。你会遇到新的部件,包括新的自定义机翼、新的轮子、新的指令舱、新的货物部件和新的发动机(以及第一种新的燃料——液氢)。为了给即将到来的星际级部件铺平道路,我们还增加了一个新的、更大尺寸的控制核心。随着我们推进在抢先体验中的进展,我们将继续扩张所有这些功能。

On day 1 of Early Access, players will be able to create and fly vehicles in Sandbox Mode and visit any location in the Kerbolar System. They'll also have access to our first four interactive tutorials, accessible via the all-new Training Center. These teach basic rocketry concepts to give new players a head-start on their space programs. You'll encounter new parts, including new procedural wings, new wheels, new command pods, new cargo parts, and new engines (and the first of the new fuels - liquid hydrogen). To pave the way for the upcoming interstellar-class parts, we've also added a new, larger core size. As we progress through Early Access, we'll continue to expand on all of these features.

我们迫不及待地想看看社区能用新的可自定义形状和颜色的部件实现什么创造性的壮举。我们的环境团队渴望看到玩家探索 Kerbolar 系统改造后的地形(并好奇他们是否会发现什么意外的东西)。用户体验/用户界面团队渴望了解更新后的用户体验的感觉——他们已经投入了大量的精力来协调一个非常复杂的需求集,以实现一个新的、更流畅的呈现方式。这就是了——我们所有的计划与现实接触的时刻到了!

We can't wait to finally see what creative feats the community can achieve with the new procedural and color-customizable parts. Our environment team is eager to watch players explore the revamped terrains of the Kerbolar System (and are curious if they'll discover anything unexpected). The UX/UI team is keen to learn how the updated user experience feels - they've put a lot of effort into wrangling a very complex set of requirements into a new, more streamlined presentation. This is it - the moment has arrived when all our plans come into contact with reality.


There are many new features, big and small, for you to explore on day 1. We've put together this guide to give you an overview of what's new and to break down some known issues. Release day notes and future patch notes will also live here.


In the launcher you'll find reporting tools that you can use to tell us about any problems you've encountered, as well as give feedback about any other aspect of the player experience you think we should know about. This feedback will be invaluable to us as we continue to improve the game's stability, performance, and playability.

下一步是什么 What Comes Next


Many new features will arrive as we continue development, including Science Mode, Colonies, Interstellar exploration, and Multiplayer. Take a look at our Early Access Roadmap for more details.


  • 主要目标:飞到Mun,在你能找到的最有趣的特征前拍一张 Kerbal 的照片。
  • 延伸目标:把一个 Kerbal 困在那里,然后用第二个载具把他们接走,把他们安全地送回 Kerbin 。
  • Jeb 级目标:在 Kerbolar 系统的其他天体上做上述任意一项。

如果你想让我们看到(并可能分享)你的成就,请在社交媒体上使用#KSP2WeeklyChallenge,或者在我们的官方 Discord中分享它们。

If you want us to see (and maybe share) your achievement, use #KSP2WeeklyChallenge on social media, or share them in our official Discord.

欢迎来到KSP2! 旅程开始了!

Welcome to KSP2! The journey begins!